Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Fresh Start

Well, hello, hive. How have you been? It's nice to see you again. We've been uber-busy training for a marathon (using this training plan from the magazine I work for), getting ready for Mr. Cowboy Boot's show this October (he's an oil painter) at this gallery, and most of all, moving! No, we didn't purchase a home (I wish!) but we moved into a great two-bedroom, unfurnished place.

We've lived in partially-furnished homes for the past three years so it's amazing to finally feel like we have a fresh canvas we can make our own. While we're not completely finished decorating, we're close, so I thought I'd share our new home with you, here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The best part? It's on three enclosed acres and comes with a dog door, so you know our pups--who graced our Thank You cards--are smiling from ear-to-ear.

The entrance

The view of Ski Santa Fe from our driveway

The corner of our house with views of the Sandia Mountains

The first room you walk into--our mud room--has plants in it. So far.

From the mud room, you walk into an open living/dining room

Our dining room still needs its curtains and a few more seats

Those pillows were made from our wedding photo booth fabric by my SIL

Our kitchen is cozy but a lot of wedding registry gifts are in there

Mr. CB was in charge of the photo wall; I ordered the duvet from West Elm

The dogs are blissed out at our new house

And, yes, we're pretty blissed out too...

Did you or are you planning on moving into a new home after getting married?

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