Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mrs. Cowboy Boot, Signing Off

Well, hive, I think I've finally written my final posts on Weddingbee. My recaps are finished and I think you can officially call me "an old bee," with respect to those who have blogged before me.

But, I'd never sign off without keeping my word. And my word is that I promised you the portrait that Mr. CB was painting of me in my wedding dress. Note: It's a wee bit sexy, kind of like our version of a boudoir shoot.

To give you a sense of how large this painting is, here's a shot of Mr. CB's studio (see that tiny bottle of soda on that miniature-looking table?):

Weddingbee has actually been more influential in my life than you'd think. I was so inspired by all of the entrepreneurial women around these parts (like Mrs. Bee, for the most obvious example) that I decided to up and start my own business. All of your feedback and support during the planning process gave me the confidence I needed to push myself to do this. Because without you, I would never have considered that I could plan weddings. Had I not found Weddingbee? I'm not sure I'd be as inspired as I am today.

You see, when I planned my wedding, I planned it for me. It was just a lucky side effect that other people thought it had some style or whimsy or whatever you want to call it.

And now, I've launched this in Santa Fe, New Mexico: Barnwood & Birch.

So while you won't find me around Weddingbee all that much (although I do plan to read the blog and the boards and comment and, well, pretty much still loiter), you can find me on my new wedding inspiration blog.

With that, I thought I'd leave you with my absolute favorite picture from our wedding. It totally captures my level of bliss that day (and makes my dress look like it has pockets!).

Don't be a stranger.

With love,

Mrs. Cowboy Boot

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