Sunday, January 10, 2010

Love at The Ranch: Buy My Dress

After much thought and consideration, I've decided to consider offers on my dress. I so wanted to indulge all the comments that told me to keep my dress, cherish it, and watch my future (possible) daughter twirl in it down the road. But, there were very convincing arguments for selling it as well. Not only will I be making another bride happy and making a conscious decision to recycle, but you gals (and guys) gave me some great ideas for what to spend the money on: a high-end photo album, a weekend escape for our one-year anniversary, a less-expensive replica of the dress for memory's sake.

To be honest, we've been trying to get our finances in order (Mr. CB's had three ACL reconstructions) and could use this towards a down payment on a house. It would just be a start, but a fairly good one.

So, without further adieu, make me an offer!

Julianna, by Christos, sells for $3650 in bridal salons. She's had $450 worth of alterations but she does need a new button for the bustle. She has no tears, holes, or stains.

She's a size 2 and will fit someone with the measurements: 34-24-34. She's cut to a length of 5'5" (including heels). I'm 5' 2 1/2" and wore 2 1/2" heels.

If you're interested, comment below or send me a private message (PM) and we can discuss the details. :)

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