Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Golden Morning

Dear Hive: Today's the day! I am writing from my BlackBerry because my little, rusic (yet luxurious) cabin doesn't have wireless. It's a brisk 25 degrees out now, up here at 8300 feet in the mountains of Colorado, but the sun just crept over the peaks and is starting to defrost this little patch of earth and warm it to a comfortable 60 degrees.

I am sitting on the deck of my cabin, snuggled in a huge down comforter. Before me, the light stripes through the pines and makes the wheat-colored grass appear to be standing at attention. Beyond the stand of trees, there is a very still pond in a meadow, a forested hill beyond that, and a snow-capped 14,000 foot peak peering into the meadow.Birds are calling to each other in sweet chirps.

I feel calm, relaxed, exuberant, vibrant, happy.We've been here at Devil's Thumb Ranch for 3 days with friends and family filling our days with yoga, hiking, good food, laughter, intimate conversation and many bouts of good tears.

Today, it culminates with a possible spot of rain or snow later but I am ready for whatever the day throws our way. With plenty of sleep last night, I am finally rested. Crying--even if they are tears of joy--is exhausting, and the past few days have been a serious windy road of emotion.Just something to keep in mind, future brides. It is a transformation, after all.

To Mr.CB: I've loved you for the past four years and I am ready to commit that love to you for the rest of our lives, today. My vows are written and I can't wait to share them with you at our ceremony and hear what you have prepared for me. You are my absolute best friend, and there is no one else I wish to spend a beautiful, still morning with, like this one, than you. As I have written in my vows: "The world appears a little more golden when I am hand-in-hand with you."

Hive, you've been remarkable. Your feedback, honesty, support, and energy has made this process unforgettable. I am so fortunate to have been able to document everything here with you.

With love,

Miss Cowboy Boot

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