Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Final Dress Fitting

Today could not have gone better. In Denver, pre-wedding, I made it to Saks Fifth Avenue with all of my bridesmaids in tow to pick up my gown. Yeah, three days out. I was nervous for all sorts of reasons--it had been four months since I'd tried the dress on, I hadn't seen it with its final alterations, and there was a lot of pressure with my girls there to make sure it looked perfect!

Here are the results (MR. CB, THAT'S YOUR CUE!)

The bridesmaids brought champagne!

Now, I have a decision or two to make. The Chloe & Max earrings didn't end up working out, nor did the Roberta Chiarella ones. They were both a little too blingy.

1) Do I go with the J. Crew belt and pearl studs? See below.

Or, 2) No J Crew belt with long, pearl earrings?

I'm kind of loving the J Crew belt with the studs and hair flowers but I'm not sure if it will be too busy with a bouquet. The color from the belt is really warm and beautiful, though.

Which is your favorite? Vote below!

J Crew belt and pearl studs
No belt and long pearls

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