Monday, September 28, 2009

Last Minute Decision

With less than six days until our shindig and nothing to accent my lovely lobes, I stumbled upon an image while on my photographer's blog.

Image by Tec Petaja

Not only is she stunning, but so are her earrings. Suddenly, I'd seen a pair of earrings that I thought might actually work.

This is going to sound silly but earrings have actually been one of the hardest part of planning this wedding (well, beside the emotional ups and downs and maybe writing my own vows).

Just a little earlier in the day, Miss Frozen Yogurt had posted about Roberta Chiarella jewelry. I'd never heard of it. I took a gander and ended up ordering these lovely beauts in gold:


But as soon as I saw that bride above, I knew I had to have her earrings. I e-mailed my photographer to see if he'd put me in touch with her. Sure enough: bride meets bride and earrings are ordered.


At this point, I'll have a handful of earring to try on with my dress. Oh, right. My dress. I'll get that on Thursday once I'm up in Colorado with my wedding on, um, Sunday. Yep. Let's just hope all of my alterations came out the way they should.

Did you make any last-minute splurges from indecision? Which earrings, above, do you like better?

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