Friday, September 11, 2009

His Ring

At first, I was wary. Was I really going to order a ring from The name itself made the website sound cheesy. But after searching around online for better prices, I never found them. I also scoured the internet for reviews of the site and all were glowing. So, I bit the bullet.

Enter: Mr. Cowboy Boot's 18k yellow gold, 5 mm, half-round wedding band. It arrived in the mail a few days ago (about a week after ordering it) and it's lovely. The best part? It was $254 and that Mr. CB loves it.

Mr. CB is a simple guy. His father has a similar ring and I think that was his inspiration. In fact, he is so connected to his father that Mr. CB has a tattoo of his father's handprint on his back, left shoulder. His dad, a potter, made a glaze of his hand so the tattoo has all of the fine lines, like tiny rivers, that weather his palm.

So, while Mr. CB is inspired by his father, I was inspired by Mrs. Lightening. If you remember, she surprised Mr. Lightening with an inscription on his ring.

As I posted before, our wedding falls on the night of the Harvest Moon. We only found this out after picking our first dance song: Harvest Moon by Neil Young.

What did I put inside Mr. CB's ring? Our wedding date and the lyrics from our song: "On this harvest moon".

I mentioned to Mr. CB that his ring was on its way in the mail and that I had gotten a surprise engraved. He was not excited. He said that he probably wouldn't like it and that it reminded him of a cheesy promise ring or friendship band.

But, then, the ring arrived. He probably thought I was going to write something cheesy like "A + I 4ever". Lucky for him, my creative side was on the upswing the day I ordered the ring.

And, as it turns out, he loves it.

Where did you get your ring? Did you test out an unexpectedly awesome website? If so, share!

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