Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where Do We Go?

This is a question we're hoping our guests won't have to ask as they're making their way to our ceremony site or our reception location. Thanks to Mr. CB, who once again pulled out his skills, we now have signs that should hopefully point guests in the right direction.

Mr. CB found some scrap wood near his studio and used acrylic paint to write the words "wedding" and draw the arrows. Because acrylic paint will drip if it gets rained on, these signs still need a coat of polyurethane paint to make them weatherproof.

Especially since the Accuweather 15-day forecast has been threatening snow. We're still so far out, I don't expect it to be right (today it says 69 and sunny for our date). So who knows?

Did you make wedding signs? Did you use them at the road for driving directions or at your venue for seating directions?

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