Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Flower Fit for a Princess

I thought I loved Martha Stewart Wedding's Ring Bearer Pillow as much as the next girl. And the next girl. But I didn't love it as much as they did until I saw fashion designer Myriah Zatoun's version of it featured on Once Wed. Her garden wedding was gorgeous.

Myriah's ring pillow and flower girl dress

As soon as I saw this picture, I google-stalked Myriah until I found a way to contact her. You see, I didn't recognize it as Martha's Ring Bearer Pillow and I wanted to know where Myriah got it. Of course, she immediately pointed me to the step-by-step directions which I, in turn, am unable to do. I don't sew. Nor am I all that crafty (although I'm realizing I'm more crafty than I thought with this whole wedding-planning thing). She mentioned that the silk dupion fabric Martha recommends frayed after not too long and that I should go with silk taffeta.

Enter: Mrs. Crab Cake. After very little cajoling, she offered to make it for me. After trying Joann's, where the fabric was $49.99 per yard (she'd need two yards. Gasp!), she ordered in samples from NY Fashion Center. Fabric here was half the price. We e-mailed back and forth over colors, sizing, leaves, and all the necessities. To come up with...this!

I adore our ring pillow! And can't wait to see it in action down the aisle.

Who's carrying it? Thanks for asking.

Not our dogs, as we once considered. Our adorable junior bridesmaid. She's 10-years-old and will love to have the responsibility. She'll be great at it too because she is quite the little grown-up.

Here's a picture of her that I love from years ago.

Our Junior Bridesmaid with Mabel

How are your rings making it down the aisle?

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