Thursday, September 3, 2009

One Month to Bliss

Today, we are officially one month out. Not only does that mean I have to go into overdrive with my to-do list, but I also get to start stalking the weather. I won't get an actual likely forecast until we are within the 10-day mark probably, but it's kind of fun to have a vague idea of what the sky, wind, and temperature might be doing.

Right now, says we'll have a high of 60 with a low of 29. Brrrrr. Record high for the day is 72. Let's hope we get closer to that because the low makes it low enough to snow! Luckily, our Harvest Moon is still there winking at us from the calendar.

I've decided that inclimate weather is quite alright with me. If, in fact, we need to turn to Plan B because of the weather, our wedding will be in the barn where our reception is taking place, under the barn doors (like below), as opposed to this.

Wedding in the Barn

Besides checking the weather as we get closer, I've got quite a few things I need to check off my list. Unlike some other handy bees, I've kept my list on a piece of paper that I carry in my purse. I can refer to it whenever I need and can cross things off once they're accomplished. I also check in with my list once in a while to make sure I'm not forgetting anything.

Considering that we've had 15 months so far to plan this 'lil event out, we don't really have very much left. Only a few nuts-and-bolts details. The major thing looming is our head count which will, like a waterfall, trickle down into many of the decisions we've already made. How much booze do we order? Can we add a signature cocktail? Can we add another dish (cole slaw?) to our BBQ menu? We need to make sure we fill out our order to match our food and beverage minimum ($5,500) so that we don't end up paying for nothing.

Our head count is likely in the low 60s.

Right now, our meal is only about $32 per person. We have $300 in appetizers planned. And a beer- and wine-order. I'm thinking a margarita might be a marvelous addition.

What else stretches out this list?

-Finishing up our ceremony and talking it over with my uncle (our officiant)
-Ordering our escort cards and sending them to our calligrapher
-Finding a shirt for Mr. CB (actually, that's on his to-do list)
-Locating ties for our groomsmen
-Putting together gifts for our bridal party as well as our parents and my uncle
-Bidding on more horse postcards for our guest book
-Finding fabric for the napkins I'm making as well as for our photo booth background
-Actually making the napkins
-Writing a note for our OOT bags and figuring out how to print multiples
-Making wooden wedding signs for our guests' drive in
-Sending our reception signs to our calligrapher
-Figuring out what we need to be legal in New Zealand (passport, etc)
-Creating detailed ceremony instructions for our bridal party since we aren't having a rehearsal
-Figure out where the heck our custom bridesmaid dresses are
-Apply for our marriage license
-Locate change-name forms
-Borrow a tri-pod, flash, and camera for our photo booth
-Put together our OOT bags
-Get a hair trim
-Finalize my flower order
-Finalize our honeymoon itinerary
-Create a seating chart
-Make sure Mr. CB's ring fits once it arrives in the mail
-Update our pie order to reflect our head count
-Write our vows

Whew. Longer than I thought.

What's on your to-do list? Hopefully mine might spur something you'd forgotten about. Maybe yours can do the same for me?

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