Monday, September 14, 2009

Outfitting the Men

Finding Mr. CB's suit was not only based on taste, it was based on budget (shocker!). Keeping our purchases in check has been hard and Mr. CB's suit was no exception. Although he got something absolutely gorgeous and high-quality, it wasn't inexpensive. That said, it wasn't as expensive as it should've been. Thanks to J. Crew's frequent sales, we were able to snag Mr. CB's suit as well as his five groomsmens' suits for under $300 each.

Mr. CB is wearing the above suit in black while his men are wearing it in Heather Coal (pictured above) with black ties.

We haven't managed to figure out what color Mr. CB's tie will be but the guys' ties look fantastic.

COWBOY BOOT GROOMSMEN, STOP READING NOW! (Some of them actually do read this).

While out shopping for Mr. Cowboy Boot's shirt at the Santa Fe Outlets over Labor Day Weekend, I stumbled upon a Labor Day sale at the Brooks Brothers Factory Store. Score!

Mr CB's shirt (which he'd found weeks before) was marked down from $60 to $41! And, they had five men's ties in black silk for 30% off. The ties averaged around $30 per person which was a major deal compared to the same ties which are listed on Brooks Brothers website for $75 a piece.

These are our gifts to our guys, so I was happy to find something that I am proud to give them--especially without burning a hole in my wallet.

Had they had a sixth tie, I probably would've purchased it for Mr. CB, but they only have five in the whole store so Mr. CB will just have to settle for something else. Maybe a charcoal grey tie is in order?

What did you give your groomsmen? Did you find deals on something great?

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