Thursday, October 29, 2009

Love at The Ranch: Out-Of-Town Bags

"Goody bags" is probably a more appropriate name for our out-of-town bags. And that's because we gave one to every guest in attendance. Out-of-town bags would also be appropriate, though, because all of our guests were from out of town. Either way you look at it, these darlings were stuffed to the brim.

I blogged about the baggies and their adorning stamps, here. Beyond the muslin bags, though, I got blank tags from Hobby Lobby (around $2.99 for 25) and the "I Do" stamp from there as well for around $3.99.

But what's inside, you're wondering...

We gave one bag per couple, so...

-Two packets of Emergen-C ($10 for 36 packets)
Good for travelers and for adjusting to the altitude because it forces you to hydrate, and we were at 8,300 feet.

-Saltwater taffy from Sunflower Farmer's Markets (around $1.99 per pound--you have to buy A LOT of taffy to make one pound).

-Lip balm with SPF 15 by Elemental Herbs (promotional item I got for free through work; normally $3.50 per lip balm).

-Homemade granola made by Bridesmaid Georgia. People were trading taffy for granola, it was that good. Recipe coming soon!!!

-A welcome note and schedule of events from The Cowboy Boots.

In case you're wondering how to craft your welcome note, here's what ours said (sorry for the small print--click it to make it larger):

We created it in Word and then went to Kinko's, bought card stock and fit four to a page. After, we sliced and diced with the paper cutter. They cost around $5 and were so easy to make!

And here's our schedule:

I dropped these off as we headed into Winter Park for the first time. Coordinating this takes a little bit of work. You first have to gather everyone's accommodations. Then, Mapquest them to figure out who comes first, second, third, etc. We had names on each of the bags so we had to make sure the correct ones went to each hotel. All of the hotels were more than happy to drop them off at our guests' rooms. Our hotel added on a $2 per bag fee which I was unaware of until we got our check-out bill, so make sure you ask if there's a fee!

What are you including in your out-of-town bags?

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