Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Love at The Ranch: The Cowboy Boots' Granola Recipe*

*This recipe actually belongs to Bridesmaid Georgia's mom and was only featured in The Cowboy Boots' out-of-town bags. Luckily, The Georgias were generous enough to share it with us! Believe me, this is good, people! There were trades going on like taffy for more granola because people loved it so much.

Greenie's Granola: The Cowboy Boots' Special Batch

Makes 8 cups of Granola

6 cups old fashion rolled oats (no quick cook)
2 cups honey (we like Colorado Madhava Ambrosia Honey)
1 cup good oil
3 cups raw sunflower seeds
2 cups sesame seeds
3 cups almond slivers
2 cups Cranberries, Regular & Golden Raisins (**Note: Add at end, Do not cook fruit in oven!)

Place oil & honey in saucepan on very low heat. Mix oats, nuts & seeds together in large bowl, and add honey/oil to bowl and mix well.

On a large cookie sheet, cover with granola about 1/2 inch thick cover entirely, try to keep granola spread evenly across cookie sheet. Bake 10-12 minutes until golden, DO NOT LET BURN.

Once out of the oven, scoop granola into bowl and stick in refrigerator til mostly cool (its helpful to place wax paper in bowl, as granola will harden in fridge). Add dried fruit to cooled granola and bag!

Enjoy with yogurt & fresh fruit, oatmeal, milk or even all alone.

Recipe courtesy of Coleen Green Petrey.

Did you use any homemade goods in your wedding? Share the recipe with us!

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