Thursday, November 12, 2009

Love at The Ranch: The First Look

Running about 15 minutes behind schedule, it was time for our first look. We hadn't made a plan for where this was going to take place so we ended up right out in front of the two cabins the girls and guys were getting ready in, respectively. This was fine, although it felt a little less private than I'd hoped because both cabins were full of bridesmaids and groomsmen peering out at us.

That all fell away, though, very quickly. I came out first and waited for him.

I gave myself one more glance, reminded that I was finally a bride and made sure everything looked as I'd planned. When you're getting ready, you only have so much time in front of the mirror to really enjoy the look you've been planning for a long time.

Then Mr. CB made his way towards me from his cabin. Some of the groomsmen watched from the patio.

I got incredibly giggly and embarrassed when I saw him coming. I embodied "the blushing bride."

We walked towards each other because I couldn't stand just waiting for him.

We embraced.

He gave me a once-over and loved it. I think he was being shy knowing there were people watching us.

Then we made our way towards the road so we could start taking portraits. The next hour and a half was slotted for shots of us, our bridal party, and family. What's shocking is that, even with that much time, we didn't get close to shooting any family. You seriously have to plan for two-and-a-half to three hours of shooting to get all of those pictures taken.

Why a first look? Mr. CB and I came up with several reasons we decided to break tradition.
  • We wanted to take pictures before my make-up resembled KISS from crying at the ceremony and while we still looked fresh from getting ready.
  • We didn't want to miss our cocktail hour--we wanted to enjoy the beverages and appetizers and company for the duration of the wedding.
  • We aren't superstitious and I still felt like I got to see his "face" of seeing his bride for the first time.
  • The first look was planned well before the day but as it turned out, raindrops started immediately after our ceremony and would have overshadowed any chance of taking outdoor pictures afterward.
Will you be having a First Look?

How did we get here?

First, Mr. CB and I road-tripped it to Boulder, CO.
Then, I spent a peaceful morning with my bridesmaids and maids-of-honor.
Followed by a rowdy bachelorette party that night.
The next morning, two days before the wedding, we fought.
Then, we made up.
On Saturday, Mr. CB recuperated from his bachelor party while I hiked with friends.
Until evening, when we celebrated our rehearsal dinner.

**All images above by the ridiculously talented and awesome Tec Petaja, unless otherwise noted. Head to his blog for some serious eye candy.**

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