Sunday, November 15, 2009

Love at The Ranch: The Bride and Groom

Our photographer, Tec Petaja's, strong suit is taking pictures of couples. He's extremely good at taking pictures of everything but he has a way with direction that puts a couple at ease. Or, at least he did for us. After our First Look, we trudged into a nearby field to get some portraits of us. I gave up on holding my dress out of the sticks and let it gather what it may.

In this next one, I was probably closing my eyes because it was bitterly cold and they were starting to water, but it looks like I'm breathing in the moment.

This was another candid moment.

After the field, we switched locations to a pond-side forest nearby.

This next one makes me feel like we were in awe of our surroundings. A magical forest, if you will.

For this next background, we had to crawl under a wooden fence. I scrunched my dress up as best as possible.

The paparazzi were also on call that day. They caught us down in the field while we were getting our portraits taken.

Photo by Tim Carr

How did we get here?

First, Mr. CB and I road-tripped it to Boulder, CO.
Then, I spent a peaceful morning with my bridesmaids and maids-of-honor.
Followed by a rowdy bachelorette party that night.
The next morning, two days before the wedding, we fought.
Then, we made up.
On Saturday, Mr. CB recuperated from his bachelor party while I hiked with friends.
Until evening, when we celebrated our rehearsal dinner.
Mr. CB and I had our First Look.
Budget Breakdown: Bouquets and Bouts.

**All images above by the ridiculously talented and awesome Tec Petaja, unless otherwise noted. Head to his blog for some serious eye candy.**

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