Sunday, November 22, 2009

Love at The Ranch: Father and The Bride

Our flower girl, Alma, was the band's cue. When they saw that little mop of red curls coming down the aisle in her pink cowboy boots, they knew it was time to switch songs. The song I chose to walk down the aisle to actually comes from a surf film called Shelter. No, it doesn't resemble the Beach Boys, nor is it rhythmic strumming like Jack Johnson (although, he was the cinematographer for the film). It's an instrumental piece by a musician and surfer named Jon Swift. Our band, Elephant Revival, learned the small tune for me and played it perfectly. Or at least, I think they played it perfectly. To be honest, it was hard to focus on anything as I came into that light-filled room filled with so many loved faces.

PS. I followed your advice, hive, and took the J. Crew belt off for the ceremony. But can you spot the cap sleeve that came with my dress (hint: my bouquet)?

To hear the song I chose to walk down the aisle to, press play, below. I love the crying of the violins. So dramatic. (I apologize for the lack of picture. I made this quickly in iMovie).

Photo by Tim Carr

The tears started to flow. I knew they would.

Photo by Tim Carr

I wasn't the only one crying. Mr. CB's dad shed a beautiful tear too.

And then, when I got close to Mr. CB, I just got really smiley again.

My dad gave me a hug and whispered something in my ear before he gave me away. He had mentioned, the day before, that he wanted to do this but when the time came, I, once again, couldn't focus on the sounds. I'll have to ask him to write that one down for me.

He hugged Mr. CB.

And then did something he thought of and wanted to include: put my hand in Mr. CB's. He gave me away.

For a moment, Mr. CB and I stood there chit chatting and staring into each other's eyes. I completely forgot to hand off my bouquet for a good two minutes.

Finally, I remembered and the ceremony began.

How did we get here?

I spent a peaceful morning with my girls.
Followed by a rowdy bachelorette party.
Two days before the wedding, we fought.
Then, we made up.
On Saturday, Mr. CB recuperated while I hiked with friends.
We celebrated our rehearsal dinner.
Mr. CB and I had our First Look.
Our wedding party braved the cold for photos.
We all lined up for the ceremony.

**All images above by the ridiculously talented and awesome Tec Petaja, unless otherwise noted. Head to his blog for some serious eye candy.**

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  1. ali, that song is so beautiful!
    omg can I go back in time & go to your wedding?? ;)