Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Love at The Ranch: Where My Girls At?

After arriving in after dark on Wednesday night, the girls and I woke up early on Thursday morning. Mr. CB had gone off with his groomsman the night before. The girls and I woke up around 7 am. Maybe it was because we'd gone to bed at 11 pm? Maybe it was because Bridesmaid FSIL was on East Coast time as she'd flown in from NY the night before? Whatever it was, we were ready for the day's festivities to begin.

For many of those in our wedding party, this was their first time in Colorado or even west of the Mississippi. So you can imagine Bridesmaid FSIL's surprise when she woke up in the morning to this farmland on the edge of Boulder.

We got the day started by taking Bridesmaid Georgia's dog, Bronco, out for a walk around the neighborhood.

Me, Bridesmaid Georgia, and Bronco

The day was chillier than we expected so we walked fast to get our blood flowing. Just a few days out from the wedding (4 to be exact), I had quite a few nerves rattling inside and exercise felt like a blessing.

No matter that the DIY projects were finished, after our hike, I still had plenty to do. I had to drop the jars I'd collected throughout the year off at the florist before picking up Bridesmaid AC and her sister Kimberley at the airport. Once Bridesmaid Georgia and I had them in tow, we were to meet my two MOHs and Bridesmaid FSIL to pick up my dress. As I blogged about before the wedding, the girls brought champagne and made it an event.

This was the start to my bachelorette party, after all.

Kimberley, Anne-Cecile, Jess, Me, Alexandra, Jen, and Sarah

It was much colder than expected. Mr. CB had texted about the snow in the mountains, but even down in Denver it was feeling icy.

Anne-Cecile and I huddle for warmth

This is when the fun really began. Similar to Mrs. Swan, my girls made a day of it. They took me to get a hot stone manicure/pedicure. Wow, that felt delicious. After that indulgence, I was whisked off to an adorable boutique hotel in downtown Denver to get the night started.

Knowing that my bachelorette party would start that night, officially kicking off the wedding weekend's events, I was grateful for the time prior to this that I got to spend with my girls. No expectations, no serious tasks, or activities planned that couldn't be fudged a little in terms of time, just the all of us arriving and enjoying each other's company.

And that's the beauty of a destination wedding...getting to spend more time with the people you love. Like Mrs. Apple Cider, one of my top items on my "Love List" was this, seeing all of my beautiful girls faces around me for some serious bonding time before the big day.

Did you get to spend time with friends and family before the wedding?

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