Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Dress Hunt (Part 1 of 4)

Dress hunting, for me, was rather challenging. Santa Fe has a limited selection of bridal stores (basically just David's Bridal and a few dressmakers). Because I grew up in LA and love boutiques, I craved something similar for trying on dresses--and I wanted my best friends there as naysayers should the dress I like be completely hideous. So, I had to base my dress-hunting around trips home (to LA) or to any major city for that matter. Albuquerque, an hour away, didn't suffice here, either.
(Lily Saratoga)

So, when Mr. CB and I went back east last September to go venue-hunting and to celebrate our engagement with our families, I convinced him to make a stop in a ritzy little town called Saratoga Springs, NY. I'd done a little research beforehand and, while I would be by myself at the store, I figured it would be a good first try (with my camera in tow). I had tried to plan it so FSIL Cowboy Boot could come along (she's one of my bridesmaids), but the store was closed on the only day she was free so, alas, here I was, by myself, at Lily Saratoga. My budget, $1200 (mere by wedding-dress standards as I would soon find out), and, yes, I let myself try on dresses well over that. Just to get a feel. Yep.  

(I apologize in advance, Hive, I did not write down any dress names or prices. But, the brands that this store carries are: Jim Hjelm, Justin Alexander, Matthew Christopher, Essence of Australia, Nicole Miller, Priscilla of Boston, Vineyard Collection, and Renella de Fina).

Mr. Cowboy Boot----STOP READING NOW!

Dress #1:

I liked the clean lines of this dress. It's preppy--not quite what I'm going for--but this was my first time trying on dresses so I figured I'd stay open-minded and try on anything that spoke to me.

Dress #2: 

I loved the waist and the back of this dress, but it was a bit too full of a skirt for a petite girl like me. It was swallowing my 5'2" self up. Also, the color was really beautiful. This was blush satin.

Dress #3:

We were getting closer, but the flower on the hip felt trendy and cheap (albeit, removable). And the dress wasn't unique enough for me. 

Dress #4: 

I loved this one. The satin underneath the lace was champagne. And I loved the long satin bow down the back. But it was almost too much lace. 

Dress #5: 

I loved the back, the front, the color of this. But I almost felt like I was showing too much skin for a wedding day. This was definitely one of my faves.

Dress #6:

This one is by Nicole Miller. It was my favorite of the day. I loved the unique fabric. The fit was fantastic for 'lil me. But I couldn't wrap myself around the color. The dress was made of metallic taffeta so it had kind of a silvery tint to it. 

Which is your favorite above? Did you find your dress on the first try?

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