Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Addiction

I have to make a confession. Every time I see a yard sale/garage sale/estate sale sign, I have to go. It's not like I'm there at 6:30 AM, bright and ready to scour through someone's old stuff. And I think Mr. Cowboy Boot's term "garbage sale" can be very apt, but if I happen to be on my way somewhere and that bright orange/yellow/purple sign perks up at me from a street corner, I'm following its arrow. Here's why: I'm collecting vintage glass, ball jars, lanterns, and, apparently, a birdcage, for our wedding.

This weekend I stumbled upon a sale run by a couple who is moving to Mexico. Among their goodies were handmade glass bottles, a cake stand, and a birdcage that I just didn't want to leave without.

The Birdcage I Bought

Originally, I wanted to use it as a piece of decor--wire a couple of birds to the inside and some daisies to the outside and stick it on the escort card table. But after doing some research I'm getting all kinds of ideas for it.

A gift card holder?

As a candle holder (Except ours is wood. Not sure how well that would go down.):

Or as decor in our colors (see bottom right)?

Or in lieu of a guest book?

(Theresa Glenn Photography)

Which is your favorite?

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