Saturday, March 28, 2009

An Invitation. For us?

Back in September, we got an invitation in the mail. It wasn't a huge surprise (I'd been asked to supply pictures for it!), but it was definitely a welcome one. Mr. Cowboy Boot's parents decided to throw an engagement party for us. It was held on their five acres in Upstate New York in honor of our engagement in April, 2008. It was also the (duh, Duh, DUH) meeting of the parents. Because Mr. CB and I had to drive around looking at venues for the first few days of our trip back east, Mom, Dad, and Brother CB arrived at FIL CB's house before we did! They had two days to get to know each other before we even made our entrance. I have to say, this was a pretty welcome thing on our part. We got to avoid the stressful event of trying to find common ground between everyone. Luckily, they did it on their own and very naturally. Setting up the engagement party was a good icebreaker. 

The Invitation from FIL Cowboy Boots

Mama and Papa Cowboy Boot during set-up

Future-In-Law Cowboy Boots

FMIL Cowboy Boot is the best cook in the world. Instead of getting the party catered by Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse, New York, about an hour-and-a-half away, she decided to recreate their recipes. Pulled pork, BBQ beans and chicken breasts, cole slaw. Yum!

Me with Cowboy Boot-Bridesmaid AC and her sister

Because the engagement party was across the country from most of my friends and family, the majority of the guests were friends and family  of FIL Cowboy Boots'. One of my bridesmaids drove up from New York City, where she lives, with her sister for the party. I'm so grateful. Do CB-Bridesmaid AC and I look like sisters? We're always getting that!

The Centerpieces were done by FSIL Cowboy Boot. She happens to be a Home-Ec teacher. 

The party gets started. Food and drink abound. That's FSIL Cowboy Boot in the purple tank top. Mr. Cowboy Boot's cousins are in the foreground--the girl with the black shirt and the guy with the striped button-down.

Papa Cowboy Boot gives a speech while Mama Cowboy Boot documents with her camera.

Mr. Cowboy Boot made a speech too. And told a few too many raft-guide jokes. Yep, those exist.

The Future Cowboy Boots. And a beautiful cake made by a neighbor. 

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