Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pleased to Meet You

Hello Hive!

Thanks so much for having me! I'm Miss Cowboy Boot and, as much as I love rocking a pair of vintage, leather boots with a summer dress in warmer months, I am no cowgirl. That's right--I'm an impostor!

I'm a Southern California girl who can't get enough of the ocean but happens to live in a dusty, little town called Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is why we're eligible to become the Cowboy Boots. That and we're getting married at a ranch in Colorado.

Mr. and Ms. CB at our engagement party in September '08, New York

Contrary to common misconception, Santa Fe is not a widespread plain of sweating, tumbleweed, and thirst-quenched cactuses. We are at the base of the Rocky Mountains, 7,000 feet up, complete with snow, golden leaves, wildflowers, and swimming holes. That's why we love it though--we're avid hikers, backpackers, mountain bikers, skiers (okay, I snowboard), and kayakers.

Mr. and Ms. CB at a friend's wedding in Maine, '06

Mr. Cowboy Boot and I haven't always lived in the Southwest, though. Mr. CB and I met while working at a restaurant together in Boston, Massachusetts during my senior year in college while Mr. CB was taking graduate classes at the Museum of Fine Arts school.

After my graduation, I bee-lined it to New York City and six weeks later, Mr. CB joined me in a 375-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn Heights. Yikes. The concrete jungle weighed down on us after just one year so, when I was offered a job in New Mexico, we made the move. The mountains and clean air have proven good for our love (and for Mr. CB, who is from Upstate NY, and loves himself some wide open space).

A couple weeks after we met (2005)!

Now, we are a little more than six months out from our ranch wedding in the mountains of Colorado. Weddingbee has been my obsession since I got engaged (April 2008) and now, I am looking forward to sharing our planning process with you, hearing about your creative DIY projects, and getting all of your opinions!

Again, thanks for having me!

-Ms. Cowboy Boot

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