Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Evolution of Save-The-Date Postcards (Part 1)

When I first saw Sarah Parrott's portfolio on, I loved the vintage feel of her gocco'd stationary. Tandem bicycles, lots of flowers, trees, and birds whizzed about her many custom creations. See some of her work below:

In designing our save-the-dates with Sarah, we went through several rounds of proofs. First, I sent her my inspiration, which were the images I blogged about here.

We chose to do a save-the-date postcard to keep postage costs down, as well as save money on printing and ordering.

These were the initial proofs she sent back. I originally told her I wanted hydrangea, but also wanted the horse that Mr. Cowboy Boot drew and the script-y fonts.  I'm only showing you the front because she got the back right off the bat and I need some element of surprise!

Front 1

Front 2

Front 3

On the second go-round, we wanted her to play with embellishments to give it more of a Western feel. I mentioned my love for dotted borders. And, this was where we figured out we thought our color scheme might be: white, creme, yellow and brown. (Still unsure on color scheme. More on that later). Nonetheless, Sarah incorporated it here.

Front 4

Front 5

Front 6

Front 7

Which is your favorite?

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