Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All You Need Is Love

I already mentioned to you that my two MOHs gave me a shower last weekend. It was so adorable, I just had to share more of the details. There's no other place I would've wanted it than on my parents' deck in the Hollywood Hills. With views over the San Fernando Valley, a soothing fountain, and lush plants, it's beautiful.

The day started off drizzling which was not a good sign, since all of the chairs had been set up outside, but as soon as people started arriving, the sky got lighter and the precipitation stopped. It was even fairly warm. The guests arrived to tables full of snapdragons and a spread that was delicious: lox and cream cheese sandwiches, pesto pasta salad, cucumber sandwiches, regular salad, and cheese and crackers. 

About sixteen friends and family showed up, including my step-grandmother who won't be able to attend the wedding because she can't travel anymore. 

My step-grandmother who speaks Italian with me

There were no games involved, only sipping wine, eating finger foods and chatting away. 

MOH J's mom, my friend, my brother's girlfriend, and MOH J

Step-grandmother, Aunt, and Cowboy Boot Cuz

Friend from college and me

Cousin and aunt

After a while, everyone gathered for the opening of the gifts.

The Victoria Secret tank read: Soon to be a Mrs...
I plan to wear this before changing into my dress

My aunt made a ribbon bouquet out of the ribbons from the gifts for my rehearsal

Dessert time!

And, finally, the cutest picture of Cowboy Boot Cuz. My parents have a lemon tree and CB Cuz was loving it!

What's funnier is CB Cuz held this face for about five minutes so I could snap a pic!

Where was your shower? Was it a surprise? 

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