Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Recycled Shower Dress

I didn't plan this at first. It was one of those moments that magically fell into place. During college, I worked in the Savvy department of Nordstrom. I was constantly surrounded by my favorite designers--Marc Jacobs, Nanette Lepore, Adriana Goldschmied, Ella Moss--and often, I'd spend much of my pay check on designer duds. 

One dress, though, never made it up to the counter with me. I eyed a particular Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress over and over, taking in the vintage print and the flattering cut, the adorable buttons, and the dreamy color. But, I couldn't justify paying nearly $200 for a semi-casual dress. I left it where it hung and life went on.

Last January, Mr. Cowboy Boot was working in New York for a month designing a loft/entertaining space and I went to visit him. As we rounded the corner to the loft, we stumbled upon a very small flea market and decided to check it out. I was sifting through a rack of vintage coats when The Dress I'd Left Behind at Nordstrom five years before appeared. Not only was it in perfect shape, it was my size. A quick bargain and the dress was mine for less than $80. It also doubled as Mr. Cowboy Boot's Christmas present (lucky him, huh?). 

For now, I don't have any pictures of it. But you'll get a peek when I post pictures from my shower which is planned for this upcoming Saturday. 

If I hadn't found the DVF dress, though, I'd consider the dresses throughout this post. They're all adorable! 

Where did you find your shower dress?

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