Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fork in the Road

I have to admit, I'm not a wedding veteran. I've only been to a few and the last one was over five years ago. But, if was going to a destination wedding as a guest, I'm guessing I would like it if the bride and groom gave me some recommendations on activities to do in the area. Our wedding, although not in Mexico or the Caribbean, happens to be a destination wedding for about 95% of our guests (including ourselves). And, while we don't know the area extremely well, there are a few things we can recommend. 

My favorite thing that we're hoping our guests will do? Take a couple of extra hours and drive through Rocky Mountain National Park. From the airport, our venue happens to be in the middle of a big loop. Guests can either drive to and from the airport on the same two-hour windy mountain pass (also beautiful) or they can drive the two-hour road in and take the three-and-a-half hour long way out (or vice versa) through the park. Here's what the most direct, two-hour route looks like on a map: 

Here's what that drive (through Berthoud Pass) looks like in person:


Should our guests opt to take the scenic route, their map would look like this (notice how it connects the loop on the upper side of the map):

And here's why we're positive it's worth the extra hour-and-a-half on the drive to or from the airport:

Rocky Mountain National Park ranges from 8,000 feet to 14,259 feet at the top of Longs Peak. The 48-mile Trail Ridge Road passes along lunar landscape above the tree line before descending into alpine meadows and sheer cliffs. Trails, view points, and elk abound here.  

About 30 miles before reaching Devil's Thumb Ranch coming out of Rocky Mountain National Park lies the town of Grand Lake which is well-worth a gander. It's full of restaurants, shops, galleries, and best of all, the brewery that is providing one of our local kegs, Wooly Booger. 

We're hoping at least a few of our guests will be enticed enough to explore. 

What activities are you offering your out-of-town guests?

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