Saturday, June 6, 2009

Homegrown Wedding Part II

Today is the first time I've been back to my parents' house in Los Angeles since I seriously started planning the decor. Eight months ago (the last time I was home), we had just booked our venue and I was on the search for The Dress so things are feeling more nailed down this time. It's funny how, when you're on the search for something, everything you've been looking at for the past 20 years all of a sudden appeals to you more. This time around, it's decor items. 

As I got settled in, I started to notice little antiques around the house that would look adorable adorning our escort tables or dessert tables. I was already in love with weddings in which the guests bring simple personal touches to contribute to the decor, so bringing stuff from my childhood home seems natural. My mom mentioned she'd be happy to bring some things along (via plane) to our wedding in Colorado if I just made her a list. Here are a few of the items I've come across:

More Cow Bell Please.

Horse Decor.

A Spur from Custer's Last Stand in the 19th Century

A Cute Teapot

An Adorable Rooster for our Buffet Table

A Cute Pitcher With Fake Flowers

A Shabby Chic Lantern

A Mason Jar I Bought in Sausalito, California

A Frame with My Parents' Wedding Portraits

An Antique Clock (if only it worked)

While searching around the house, I came across two pictures that are pure evidence that I was meant to be Ms. Cowboy Boot and have a horse-themed wedding:

What do you plan to incorporate into your wedding that you already own? Or what are you borrowing from friends or family?

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