Monday, June 22, 2009

Designing the Invites (Part II)

After Sarah Parrott sent over multiple images for me to sort through and decide which we'd play with on our invitation suite, she started designing our first set of proofs. Not only did I want Mr. CB's barn to play a part, but I was also intent on bringing back the horse from our save-the-dates. On top of those two homegrown images, the peony (Image 1) and the barn swallow (Image 4) were my faves.

The first round of proofs, which arrived in my inbox in PDF format, looked like this. Use your imagination to envision them on 5" x 7" A7 Crane Lettra Letterpress paper with Gocco'd ink.

Invitation 1

Invitation 2

Invitation 3

Invitation 4

When I brought them home to Mr. CB, we had differing opinions. We both loved them but we actually were drawn to different ones.

We sat down and went through them pointing out the things we liked and the things we'd tweak in each one. I got our feedback to Sarah (which I'll share with you in the next post) who then set on the second round of proofs. The talented girl that she is, she didn't have to do too much to make us happy.

Before I move along to the ones we picked, which are your favorite? What tweaks would you do to the one(s) you like?

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