Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Please Excuse Me For One Minute

I know, I know. This was supposed to be Part IV of my invitation series but I needed a breather from all of that design-speak. In lieu of all things paper, I'm going to talk about something completely different: flower girl accessories.

One of the things I want to gift my flower girls with is a cute hair accessories to go with their eyelet dresses. Where did I turn first? Where else but J. Crew's crewcuts accessory section. The bridesmaids are wearing dresses from there--or at least dresses that match their colors--so I figured I could get cute, chiffon-y headbands or hair clips that match.

I thought it might be cute if they all wore different ones, especially since they all have different hair. My cousin has Annie-like red curls while the other two have soft, blond waves.

These are the ones I ordered:

The hairbands came in the mail today and when I hold them up to J. Crew's Light Shell and Silk Chiffon fabric swatches the colors are slightly off and the headbands aren't as cute as I pictured. They're too pinky or exploding in a floral way. And, I imagined the poor girls rubbing the spot behind their ears where the headbands start to push in after too long.

Where did I turn next? You know it. Etsy.

I figured one of the many talented hair accessory artists there could make a smaller version for my three 'lil punkins. (Yes, I absolutely adore all three of them).

On Etsy, what usually takes me three or four days of research, ends up taking more like three or four clicks to find exactly what I'm looking for. Which is what happened when I found Quirky Beauty.

She's going to make me three custom pieces for $15 each based on the design, below. You'll just have to wait and see what she sends me because it will actually look a bit different than this, but will use the same organza flowers.

Looking at her designs had me dreaming about headbands again--but not for the girls, for myself.

Bring on the eye candy from the Quirky Beauty shop!

What accessories did your flower girls wear, if any? Where did you get them?

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