Sunday, August 30, 2009

Copying Miss Apple Cider

That's right. It's so obvious, I made it my title. After seeing Miss Apple Cider's post on her DIY out-of-town bags, I got right down to it. I'd been conflicted over where to find cheap, bulk bags to use for this project. The best ones I had seen were at Hobby Lobby--brown paper with handles for .50 cents per bag.

But then, Miss Apple Cider came along and introduced the hive to muslin bags from this website. I followed suit and ordered 50 5" x 8" bags.

They were a little smaller than I was expecting--I guess I hadn't really thought about what 5" x 8" meant--but they would have to do. Plus, the fact that they are smaller means it's harder for them to look empty (i.e. I don't have to put as much stuff in them!). We're planning on including a welcome note, a weekend's schedule, a locally-made lip balm and a thing of homemade granola.

To decorate the bags, I also went Miss Apple Cider's route, but I had planned on stamping the bags prior to reading her post. I'd made a custom stamp of Mr. Cowboy Boot's horse that he drew for our save-the-dates from Simon Stamps.

Then, I skipped over to Hobby Lobby where I purchased a heart stamp as well as the stamp that reads "LOVE". Oh, and a few stamp pads.

Total cost of project (including shipping from ordering online):
Bags: $26.10
Custom Horse Stamp: $15
Stamps and Ink Pads: $17
Total: $58.10

Lucky for me, we plan on using the stamps elsewhere like on our note to our guests and on signage around the reception.

Did you DIY your OOT bags?

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