Monday, August 3, 2009

Hello Two-Month Mark.

I'm pleased to meet you, two-month mark. Do you know what you mean? Eight weeks. Literally. That's right, we're eight weeks out and to be honest, I'm feeling pretty good about our to-do list. It's dwindling down to the tiniest of details like finishing up a few DIY projects, making sure the stragglers get taken care of (Mr. CB's ring? Just a tiny detail), and booking our honeymoon.

One of these details might seem like minutia but I can't seem to decide and I need your help. Calligraphy. Oh, it's many swirls and whirls.

You've seen our seating cards. These will either be hanging from a clothesline on gold organza ribbon or tied to a bunch of horseshoes on a table (once I get the courage to open my bucket of used horseshoes). I may end up using the clothesline for fun pictures of Mr. CB and I with our guests throughout the years which is why I'd opt to go the horseshoe route.

Either way, our guests' names have to be scrawled on these escort cards for them to even be useful. And since the etsy seller we're buying the cards from isn't doing it, I've enlisted Pretty Pen Jen to, well, pen these for us.

She has many, many styles of lettering and my favorites are the really script-y ones. Which, of the four below do you prefer? From top to bottom they are: Jenny, Ruth, Mary and Rachel.

This penmanship will be adorning these adorable tags.

Please give me your vote!


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