Friday, August 14, 2009

Easy As Pie

"Nom. Nom. Nom." That's my new favorite phrase as of late on Weddingbee. It's been showing up in almost every post about food, from any bee, and that's why I had to use the ubiquitous phrase here today. Because I want to talk about pie. Soooo, nom, nom, nom.

Apple Pie with Cheddar Crust from Martha Stewart

We've placed our pie bar order with Teacup Bakery out of Denver. Twelve all-organic, all-natural pies. Ten flavors. That's right. It's become somewhat of a tasting pie bar. Originally, we'd ordered just enough pie for each guest to have one slice. But now that we'll be running the gamut from lemon meringue to mixed berry, I know people will want to taste more than one flavor. Especially when they're sitting there so tantalizingly for the entire dinner on their pretty and mismatched cake stands.

Pie Bar by Lyndsey Hamilton Events

So, we're having each pie cut into 12, instead of 8, slices. Our flavors include: pumpkin, apple caramel (yes, with homemade caramel drizzled on top), chocolate cream, banana cream, mixed berry, peach, blueberry peach, blueberry, cherry, and apple. The fruit will be bought fresh from the farmer's market in Denver late this summer and then frozen when it's at its peak, so it's prime for our pies.

Apple Raisin Pandowdy from Martha Stewart

As if I didn't have enough on my plate already, reader GaBGal added another slice to the pie. Literally. Check out this adorable tutorial she sent me for pie pops from Bakerella.

I'm tempted to bake these, cart them eight hours up to Devil's Thumb Ranch, and toss them in our guests out-of-town bags as a preview to our meal. Or, maybe this could be their favor?

Do I dare? I'd love some tips: How would I transport them? Would they need to be frozen? How would you package them? And, finally, tell me about your edible favor?

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