Monday, August 10, 2009

Hair Trial: The Real Thing

Hive. I've found her. The magic maker (aka hair stylist) who will make my hair look like the things of my inspiration pictures. I teetered between a bun, a side pony, half-up, or completely down and curly. But Candace Post from Hot Heads Salon walked off the see-saw and left me teetering no more. I'm heavily decided that I'll be doing a side bun. And I'm pretty positive you'll be convinced too.

Here's the before picture (my bangs seriously need a trim here):

Then she curled it, to give me volume on top (she succeeded, obviously). She put Velcro curlers in and set me under the drier. The last hair dresser teased my hair and used a curling iron.

Next she started made a side ponytail and began to twist my hair around itself.

And...Ta Da! She made a three-fold bun, meaning she wrapped three pieces of my hair in three different directions creating this woven knot. And, stuck my Muscari hair flowers in it.

Also, the hair on top (over the crown of my head) will be smoothed out on the big day.

This is how it looks from the side without the bun or flower. We all felt it needed a little texture or something to make it less plain. Candace wants to put a braid or a twist coming from down near my neck into the bun or possibly from the top of my head. I agree it needs something and I'm liking the idea of a braid.

Here are a few more pictures of it in better light.

My bangs will be shorter and not so heavy. Also, we talked about having the side bun for the ceremony and being able to pull out a few bobby pins to create a side pony for the ceremony. A few hours after my trial I pulled the bun down into a pony tail only to find a rat's nest of hair spray and crunchy, tangled, frizzy curls. So, I don't think I'll go that route.

But I love the side bun so much, I kind of want to keep it the whole night.

Did you have multiple hair trials with different stylists? What style are you wearing?

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