Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Have You Google Stalked Your Venue Today?

Have you done this? Have you searched for pictures of weddings that were held at your venue? For some reason, I never have. Until today.

Coming across images of weddings before ours at Devil's Thumb Ranch is making me excited. Realy, super, duper excited. It's also making me nervous (there are quite a few of brides and grooms holding umbrellas and of foreboding skies). That said, I'm also nervous because looking at these pictures is somewhat of a reality check. Soon, we will have these same pictures with our faces and our details and our friends and family. The only thing that gives me comfort (amidst the stress of wedding planning right now) is knowing that Mr. CB will be there with me.

Does looking at pictures of your venue make you nervous or excited?

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