Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hair Foliage

I always knew I wasn't going to be a veil bride. It's just not me. Then, I went back and forth between hair flower and head band. In the end, the flower won. I just couldn't back away from the floral prettiness that is organza-and-taffeta petals and blush- and ivory-pearls.

So, as every other Bee has ever done, I searched Etsy for some hair flowers I thought suited my look. I stumbled upon this beauty by Portobello and was pretty keen on the center of the flower and its petals (sans the feathers and birdcage veil).

Alena Headpiece by Portobello

I'd bookmarked Mrs. Quiche's flower-maker, Muscari Designs, way back when and kept returning to their Minnesota Bloom. They were all sold out but I thought I might be able to finagle my way into a custom flower.

Muscari Designs Minnesota Bloom

I wanted to combine the look of the Minnesota Bloom with her set of two flowers, the Sweet Peas.

Muscari Designs' Sweet Peas

Easter at Muscari Designs agreed to blend the two styles for me, using blush-colored pearls and fabric, and here's what she came up with. She sent me three images of different samples she made.

I ended up asking her to take the velvet out from behind the pearls. The third of the above was my favorite so she took note that I liked the blush fabric and created these lovelies for me...

I have two of these adorable flowers. They're both pretty small and would fit beautifully with a half-up, half-down style, trailing down the back. My hair trial with the new stylist is coming up this weekend and since I have the hair flowers in-hand, they'll be making their debut.

Did you choose a hair flower, headband, veil or other hair accessory? Fill the hive in on who you got it from and which it is! We can always use suggestions.

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