Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dear Inspiration Board

[DISCLAIMER: Design inspiration overload ahead. You've been warned.]

Dear Inspiration Board,

How I heart thee. You've helped me conquer the big-picture decisions that go hand-in-hand with wedding planning. Do we want a modern, clean-lined reception at a minimalist hotel? How about a rustic, wood-adorned affair in the forest? Maybe a seashell and starfish-themed event by the ocean? Or, a farm-inspired barns, hay bales, and BBQ bash?

Just when I think I have everything figured out, I come across a new version of you beaming with crafty, unique, and creative details I've never seen before. Darn you for totally making me re-think everything I had going. But, thank you for making me swoon, too.

Color schemes, accessory options, bouquets, cakes, dresses, and jewelry. You cover it all. In one perfectly. neat. little. square. Oh, how I wish wedding planning was as easy as throwing one of you together. You seem so comprehensive yet you are actually just one little, non-concrete step in this process. You're merely a vision.

A vision beyond my crafting (if you can call it crafting) means. I've made one of you on Polyvore, but it neither helped me win the contest I made it for nor became useful in my wedding planning besides, well, here. This should really be an ode to the masters-of-inspirations boards like Snippet & Ink and Ritzy Bee.

So, please, as much as I hate turning into an internal game of tug-o-war over wedding details when I come upon a new version of you that speaks to me, please don't go away. Your links lead me into a black abyss of 'net surfing and, as much as I hate to admit it, I could do that all day long. But, you can go away once I start tackling DIY projects, purchasing invitations, table numbers, lanterns, and ring pillows.

Until then, oh inspiration board, I'll heart thee and those who create you. Even if you make me more indecisive than I already am.


Ms. Cowboy Boot.

P.S. I thought I'd include my favorite versions of you within this letter. Enjoy!

How have you used inspiration boards in this process?

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