Saturday, May 30, 2009

To Veil Or Not?

I've never been a veil bride. From the very first dress I ever tried on (almost one year ago!), I never pictured myself with a veil, even though my mom made me try on a few. I was drawn to a raw veil (love how modern this feels) and then to a mantilla veil (love how vintage this feels), but in the end, I'm pretty sure I'll be walking down the aisle sans this iconic bridal accessory. 

For a short while, I considered a headband made from ribbon like these brides, and I'm still kind of in love with the idea.

I'm also considering the hair flower route as so many brides have done before. Mrs. Perfume revealed her DIY flower here, Mrs. Cupcake showed us her purse- and hair-accoutrements here, Ms. Mascara gave us the rundown on crafting your own here, and Mrs. Pineapple made a feathery flower here. While three out of the four brides above crafted their own, I would be taking the safe route and buying one pre-made. 

For inspiration on both fronts, I've been on Etsy (story of my life) and come across these lovelies.

Etsy seller Oh My Deer

Etsy seller BeSomethingNew

Etsy seller Muscari

What should I do? A hair flower or two? Or a headband? 

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