Friday, May 1, 2009

We're Moving. And Getting Nostalgiac.

We've decide it's time to move houses. Although, we're staying in Santa Fe, we're opting for a 'lil lower rent and place that's unfurnished where we can begin building our own collection of furniture (and have a place to stow any wedding gifts). We've been in our current place for two years now--it was our first home in Santa Fe--and we're sad to see it go. It's the longest we've ever lived anywhere together and it really felt like home. (This is starting to sound like a bad poem).

But, it's the truth. Mr. Cowboy Boot spent a lot of time planting a vegetable garden, building a compost bin, and fixing up the property altogether. It's our puppies's first home and the place we first became "parents" (to the dogs, of course). It's where we came home to after getting engaged in Italy. It's our first house and not apartment. It's where our families stayed when they came to visit. It's where we've had some serious talks about wedding plans, life, jobs, and finances. Essentially, it's where we really got serious.

Odin and Rio in the front door

As an ode to the place where our love really started to grow, I thought I'd share some funny pictures and moments from the house we're leaving behind and give you a sneak peek at our new house, where we'll be living as a married couple after our wedding in October. Oh, and the house we're moving into is for sale which may or may not have started some thinking about buying on our part...

Odin in one of his first days home

Rio on her first day home

The view from our yard--I'll miss that windmill

The dogs confused about Mr. CB's painting

Weighing skinny-minnie Rio

Mr. Cowboy Boot and Odin as a puppy, sleeping

Now, for the new place we will be calling home. Oh, and it has a tiny bit of furniture so we can work on our collection slowly and buy nicer quality stuff instead of rushing into cheap stuff for the sake of having it.

It will be different, planning a wedding from a new house. I won't have my comfy chair to surf the internet for hours at a time, my spot in the bookshelf where I keep my magazine tear-outs, sample invitations, planning binder and other inspiration, or my corner where I've been shoving ball jars, birdcages, raffia ribbon, and other starts to DIY projects. Not to mention, this adds a few extra boxes to our moving load.

But, it's not only about wedding storage. It's about change. We've moved before. We've moved across the country together, before. But this time, we finally felt settled. And this time, change is making me more nervous than it ever did before. I'm just glad to have Mr. CB there (and our pups) to deal with change together. This is just another growing pain: a chance to deal with the ups, downs, and challenges that life throws our way. Yes, it was our decision to move and uproot ourselves from a very comfortable place for the sake of saving a little money. But, together, I have faith that Mr. CB and I can make this new (and weirdly not our) place our own.

Did you move in the middle of wedding planning? Did it change the dynamic in your relationship at all?

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