Monday, May 11, 2009

Le Honeymoon

Mr. Cowboy Boot and I didn't really think we were going to take a honeymoon at first. After going through our budget time and time again, there just wasn't room in it for a trip. We figured we'd save our money after the wedding and plan something big for the following year. My dad, however, didn't agree with this idea. "It's really important for you guys to be together as a married couple after the wedding," my dad told us. "Just the two of you, to feel your decision and let the marriage really sink in before getting back to everyday life."

I took this to heart and approached Mr. Cowboy Boot about the idea of a mini-moon. Just a three or four-day trip after the wedding to celebrate--it could even be within driving distance of the wedding, somewhere like Jackson, Wyoming. Heck, we could even camp. Although I've always pictured plush down comforters, candles, massages, and wine for my honeymoon, I was willing to suck it up and camp if it meant it could happen. (For the record, we love to camp--it's just not my exact idea of a honeymoon).

Somehow this idea grew into Sayulita, Mexico or a train trip through our northermost state, Alaska. While Mr. CB dreamed of big mountains, heli-skiing, and fly-fishing, I had my sights on sleeping in, drinking margaritas on the beach, and plenty of good surf sessions. We agreed that Mexico would be cheaper, is somewhere we've both never been, and would feel exotic while not completely blowing the cash load because it's not that far from New Mexico.

Then what happened? Qantas went and had a huge airfare sale. We're talking the cheapest it's been in ten years. And where do they fly? Australia and New Zealand. For about $100 more than flying to Mexico we could get to Auckland and spend almost two weeks on the north and south islands of Kiwi-land.

I bet you can guess what we did. That's right. We bit the bullet. Two tickets to Auckland, New Zealand please. (As if the images didn't tip you off). The flight leaves from Los Angeles two nights after the wedding. To save money on four more plane tickets, we'll drive from Colorado to LA after the wedding. With two days to go 14 hours, we might even make some fun stops along the way like Vegas (where Mr. CB's never been) or Moab (the mountain bike capitol of the US).

So far, we haven't planned very much. Because there is a lot of territory that hasn't been hit by the guide books yet, we plan to rent an RV and explore roads that entice us. If we get lost, we'll have home right there. But don't worry, there will be a few luxurious hotel stops (and a few massages) along the way. We're also hoping to go horse-trekking, whitewater rafting, surfing, hiking, SCUBA diving, and cycling through the wine country. Any tips for us? I could use a recommendation or two.

I feel like New Zealand will be the perfect blend of what we were going for--a little adventure, somewhere we both haven't been, my surfing, Mr. CB's mountains, and, hopefully, a lot of pampering, good food, and local wine.

Did you find a great deal on plane tickets for your honeymoon? Where are you going?

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