Friday, May 8, 2009

Hive Knows Best

Hive. I need help with a decision. After that last flower post, I had a sudden change of heart. I get a little uneasy when this happens because then I'm suddenly heading down a path that involves lots of back-and-forth with my vendor. In this instance, my florist. And I hate to seem flighty and indecisive--It doesn't do anyone any good.

But, the feeling I got was so intense, I can't ignore it. I started thinking that maybe I want more cream or white in my bouquet with hints of peach, instead of having an all-peach bouquet with touches of cream which was my original plan. I am worried that the bouquet will disappear into my dress if it is too creamy and white will be too stark against ivory. But, now I'm thinking the peach bouquet might not seem classic in 30 years. If I go cream and white, I can use a colored ribbon to add pop. Or, vice-versa if I go for colored flowers. Give me your vote!

Peaches with pops of whites and creams wrapped with leftover ivory fabric and a little raffia:

Some peach bouquet inspiration:

Mostly white with pops of peach and apricot wrapped with peachy ribbon and raffia:

Sources: Juliet Garden Rose, Lisianthus, Hypericum Berries, Larkspur, Ranunculus, Stock, and Dahlias

Here are a few inspiration photos of mostly white bouquets with bursts or tinges of color:

So, which do you like better? Option 1: mostly peaches with bursts of white? Or Option 2: White or cream with pops of peach or apricot? Or should I mix up the color variation differently or do different specific flowers in peach or cream?

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