Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Horse Theme

You've seen our save-the-date and the gorgeous horse that Mr. Cowboy Boot drew. The horse wasn't exactly planned for. There were several ranch-themed ideas Mr. Cowboy Boot played with--barns, barn swallows, and prairie grass--before whipping up the image that adorns our save-the-dates. He put a lot of time into "our horse" and it shows. We plan to use this image as a monogram of sorts.

Mr. Cowboy Boot's horse

Now, because I love this horse as much as I do (and because Devil's Thumb Ranch has hundreds of horses and a gorgeous stable), the horse theme started to grow. I suddenly wanted to thread horse-related objects and images throughout our decor. To be honest, it's not like we're horse people. We didn't grow up riding nor do we own horses or anything like that, but we do love the animals. They are just so gorgeous.

In light of trying to find ways to incorporate horses and horse-related things, here's some inspiration I've come across on the internet.

Horseshoe Invitations by Greenwich Letterpress

Horse Drawn Carriage
Photo by The Image Is Found Photography

Favors from Ritzy Bee Blog. Our save-the-dates are also on this derby-inspired post, here.

Ranch Inspiration Board with horseshoe escort detail from Snippet & Ink

Table Cards from Martha Stewart Weddings

Trash the dress (if only I knew how to ride like that!) from photographer Critsey Rowe

Our florist got married at Devil's Thumb Ranch last year. During her ceremony, she had the ranch release the horses in the field behind them. This was an awesome addition for their photos and something we might just have to copy.

As of now, I have a bucket of horseshoes for who knows what. Any ideas? I'm collecting vintage horse postcards for people to pen some well wishes to us (in lieu of a guest book).

The postcards I just won on eBay

And I'm considering using horse breeds instead of table numbers. With ten tables, I'm trying to get Mr. CB to sit down at the drawing board once more and illustrate some different breeds that are recognizable from each other. My mom, who owned five horses growing up, helped me to identify the most known breeds: Appaloosa, Thoroughbred, Mustang, Clydesdale, Shetland Pony and so on.

Do you have any suggestions for our horse theme? Are you including a theme in your wedding?

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