Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ixnay The Tan Lines

This is going to sound really silly when I write it, mainly because the thought of saying it out loud sounds even more ridiculous, but I need to avoid tan lines at all costs this summer.

Natalie Portman Rocking the Tan Lines

My dress, as you've seen, has a low-cut, strapless sweetheart neck so the remnants of bikini ties, tank tops, or even backpacks could be detrimental. No, not someone's-going-to-die detrimental or the whole-day-is going-to-be-ruined detrimental, but worth putting some effort into. Here's why: We are an extremely outdoorsy couple. Hiking with the dogs every morning, bike commuting to work most days, boating the New Mexican rivers on the weekends, surfing while home in Los Angeles. All of those things are bound to put their little sun-scorched fingerprint on my body. Especially since we live at 7,000 feet (the sun is stronger at high altitude) and the warm months continue through October (when our wedding is) so you can bet we'll be outside until then.

Bandeau Swimsuit by Vix Swimwear

I'm not a fan of tanning beds (which could pose as a last-minute semi-solution) nor am I fan of staying inside or wearing long sleeves when I'm outside (I'd like to look at least a little sun-kissed on the big day). Make-up might smear onto my dress and self-tanner isn't really going to help if I'm still headed out for fun in the sun. Plus, I've never used it and am bound to end up orange.

Athleta's Convertible Tank (the straps are removable)

My mantra for the summer? Bandeau bikinis and tube tops. It's hard to find a tube top that also has a shelf bra in it but, lo and behold, here's one active-style tube top I found by Athleta. Know of any others? The one I own is about to get really gross from too much use this summer.

How are you dealing with tan lines for your wedding? Any other appearance woes you're trying to solve?

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