Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Dresses Are In

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to one of my flower girls, four-year-old Cowboy Boot Cuz. I also shared a dress I'd come across on Etsy that I thought would be simple and beautiful for three little girls at a wedding in the country. After that post, I ordered them. And what happened at the end of last week? They came!

All photos by my dear friend, Amanda Wilson

After a few back-and-forths with Etsy seller AngelWear on fabric, I decided I really wanted a vintage-looking eyelet, since the dress style, itself, was reminiscent of bygone days. AngelWear wasn't quite finding what I wanted (she lives in Hawaii and has a limited selection) so I took the job on myself and headed down to Joanne's. I came across an adorable floral eyelet for 50% off that was also the only ivory eyelet I could find (perfect, since I don't really want them in stark white).

The dresses are absolutely adorable. I sent them off to their respective owners and am hoping they get rave reviews once they arrive. AngelWear was amazing to work with--she asked me to send the fabric right away as she was headed on vacation in about 20 days and wanted to get them done before she went. She made all three dresses in one day. And for $34 a pop (including shipping).

Plus, I love the fact that they came from Hawaii since I feel a special attachment to those islands. I lived there for a summer in college and will forever find that place completely carefree and blissful. Actually, it feels something like being a child.

Did you find a great etsy seller? Share the wealth!

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