Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Flower Decision

First I want to say thank you for voting on my bouquet inspiration. I never let you in on which image was my favorite. Well, to be honest, it got the least votes--a mere 3%. Maybe that's why I was a little bit hesitant to write this post. Nonetheless, a girl can't question her taste. Okay, that's a lie, but with wedding stuff, it is best to go with your gut. I will blame the fact that the image was small and hard to see.

But before I start making excuses, let me give you a larger spread of my flower inspiration. It comes from the wedding of Sharon and Francis in Bristol, Tennessee, that was featured in MSW.

When I came across this wedding, I swooned at the loose garden-y feel of the flowers. I particularly liked the "trailing" affect (as my florist likes to call it) of the paper-like petals. I sent these images to my florist, Erin at Plum Sage, and she also loved them. But, she thought the color palette (ivory and soft pink) wasn't going to go with the peachy bridesmaid dress palette I'd been going for. And, most of these flowers are not available during October. She mentioned the florist had used peonies (of course!), hypericum berry foliage, sweet pea, spider mums, azalea, and other spring blooms.

After a few back and forths with Erin via e-mail (she's SO awesome at responding to my many, all-over-the-place ideas and requests and changes of mind), we came up with a fall variation on these bouquets that accommodates my apricot, dusty rose, peach, cream, and pink color scheme.

Stay tuned to find out how we did this.

How did you come up with your flower plan?

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