Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Silk Taffeta Trial

Well, hive. After getting my 'lil heart set on J. Crew's barely peach fall color, I ordered in a couple of their silk taffeta styles to try them on. My favorites were the Lorelei and the strapless Sangle, so I just picked whichever colors weren't back-ordered and went for it. If I loved these dresses, I realized I'd be even more confused than I was before I posted about my three final bridesmaid dress options. If I hated them, well, then at least I could nix number one.

Here were the results.

The Sangle dress was adorable from the front. This champagne color would actually make a good, short wedding dress option. The pockets made it really comfortable and the detail on the neckline was cute too.

Can we say mushroom butt? I mean, the high waist makes it look like your arse starts really high and bulges out. Hmmm....

I feel like I'm wearing a modern version of a big, 19th century French dress with the bum that sticks up and out really high.

Then onto the Lorelei. Again, cute from the front. Although, it doesn't have a layer of netting under the silk taffeta like the Sangle so it lies a little flatter (less mushroom butt!). But, I'm not really a fan of how shiny the silk taffeta photographs.

If you have your hands in your pockets, you get this little bubble above your bum where the pleats are.

See? Even my dog Rio thinks my butt looks weird!

I guess that means silk taffeta is nixed. Which, is already the case if I decide to go with the different dress option since the fabric is so different from my other options. Thanks for listening to my J. Crew woes.

Were you disappointed about the fit of a bridesmaid dress you liked on the internet?

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