Sunday, April 5, 2009

Adorable Save-the-Date Idea

A co-worker of mine is engaged! She got engaged just a couple of months after we did. It's so much fun to have someone down the hall to giggle and gaggle with about everything wedding-related. My favorite detail she's shown me as of late? Her concert poster-inspired save-the-date similar to Ms. Joey's adorable posters but not full size. Instead they are around 5" x 7". I asked my co-worker if I could share her STDs with the hive and she was more than open about it. 

No less than letterpress, her save-the-dates were made by an actual poster company in Nashville, Tennessee, called Hatch Show Print. This particular print house has items in museums and they make posters for greats such as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. Even with all of their fame, her letterpress save-the-dates came out to something like $3.00 a piece. Yes, pricey, but not so bad for letterpress. And, they are completely unique.

Did you do anything out-of-the-box and completely unique for your stationary?

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