Sunday, April 12, 2009

Centerpiece Envy

My signature adorns the line at the bottom of the florist's contract, but only for a few select items. Plum Sage will be doing my bouquet, the moms/aunts/grandmothers' corsages, the guys' boutonnieres, a wristlet for our junior bridesmaid, and helping my bridesmaids put together their five bouquets. That's it. For now. 

I haven't decided, yet, if I want to DIY my centerpieces or if I just want to throw responsibility into the wind and hand the entire project over to Plum Sage. In both cases, I'll be supplying a selection of vintage glass vessels for vases. I have quite a few but plan to spend the summer collecting the rest of them. And if I can't fill out the collection, the florist has my back. 

I haven't seen a centerpiece using mason jars and vintage cans that feels full enough for me. I thought about using a lantern in the middle to keep things from looking sparse. Miss Labrador blogged about a lantern that I thought might fit into my decor and is affordable (thanks Ms. Lab!). There were a few other options on the Jamali Garden website that also struck my fancy. 

Until I figure it out, here are a few images that also strike my fancy. 

Any suggestions on how I can fill out our centerpieces?

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