Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We're Kindred Spirits!

Yes, Mr. Cowboy Boot and I are kindred spirits, but I was actually referring to J. Crew. It seems they've embraced my color scheme in their summer collection. Or...maybe I subconsciously started seeing these colors around, gravitating towards them, and selecting them. You're right, J. Crew's summer colors were probably just a coincidence. Either way (hehe), head to their home page and you'll see elements of peach, dusty rose, gold, cream, and pinks.

It got me thinking...Maybe I should look beyond their traditional bridesmaids dresses and take it down a notch? Would a gander through their more casual, seasonal collection hurt?

Score! I found numerous dresses in coordinating colors. Albeit, a few of them were too casual, but at least four could work well together. I'm seeing this as a collaboration of numero uno, numero dos, and numero tres! It's not too stringent and also allows me to not let go of the reins completely. The girls could pick from these dresses and, if they found one similar elsewhere, they could run it by me. Or, if they were still stuck on Sarah Seven, they could order a custom dress through her in a coordinating color.

Pique V-Neck Ruffle Dress ($78), cotton pique, in Tea Rose

My only worries with this one: 1) Is it too casual? I'd need to see it in person although it looks like it could get dressed up. 2) The Tea Rose looks so bright on the bridesmaid dresses. Is it the fabric or the internet that's making it more palletable here?

Embossed Cotton Printed Lorelei Dress ($170), textured cotton, in Papaya

This is my favorite of the bunch. I liked the printed Whitney when I tried it. This just happens to be more in my color scheme.

Silk Chiffon Twist Tank Dress ($170), silk chiffon, in Light Shell

This is one of their bridesmaid dresses, yes, but I think it's a nice, lighter color for girls who don't want something so salmon-y and bright. Plus, there are three styles to choose from.

Metallic Linen Strapless Dress ($148), metallic linen, in Rhubarb

Linen, like the pique cotton, might be too casual. This is another must-see-in-person dress. Looks like I'll be making a trip to J. Crew tomorrow which means there's something in store for you too! Pictures of these dresses in person. Sort of.

Hopefully, this idea pans out. It's getting a little overwhelming not finding something I'm psyched about. I would be psyched, however, to have the girls find a dress they really like. Oh, and I would've included the silk taffeta dresses here (the new papaya is cute and the barely peach would be perfect) but those dresses didn't quite fit right (more on that to come) and the fabric felt like the odd one out in this line-up.

Did you let your girls choose but put certain criteria on their choices? What were those criterion?

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