Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beer. Beer. Beer.

Mr. Cowboy Boot and I have an appointment with Devil's Thumb Ranch to suss out our catering contract over Memorial Day weekend. It's got my wheels spinning. While I should be thinking about our BBQ menu and whether we want braised collared greens or bison rustic chili, I've only got my mind on one thing. Beer. No, this is not Mr. CB writing in place of Miss Cowboy Boot. 

I love beer. That's right. After a long hike, while paddling down a river, around a campfire, or at the end of a ski day, there's nothing better than an ice cold brew. This favoritism over other, more girly beverages could be a result of the fact that I live in a mountain town. Everyone here drinks beer. But I'm also a bit of a beer snob--I can't reach for the cheapest case in the grocery store fridge. In fact, I'm drinking a Santa Fe Brewing Company Nut Brown Ale right now. When I'm not, I reach for an New Belgium's Fat Tire or Organic Mothership Wit

So why am I going on and on about beer? Because it's been one of our favorite details of our wedding. As one of our beverage options, we can pick from six kegs of local beers. Since we're doing a BBQ dinner we figure that beer will be a big hit. And, Mr. CB and I wish we could call ourselves locavores which makes this so appealing to us. Throughout the past few months, we've been scouring liquor stores to find the six beers on the menu so we can taste them and see which we like. If we like all six, we might just do quarter kegs of each kind of beer.

Now for the beer list:

Wild Creek Brewery's Three Pin Jack Pale Ale made in Winter Park, Colorado, just nine miles down the road from our venue. They also serve beers called: Breakaway Blonde, Gear Jammer Amber, Wee Heavy Lassie, and Plain Jane.

Easy Street Wheat Beer (one of my faves) is brewed by Odell Brewing Company out of Fort Collins, Colorado, which is about two hours from our venue. 

Coors and Coors Light have to be on the list. They're the one recognizable brewery but, they're brewed just sixty-six miles from our venue in Golden, Colorado. 

We also have another beer by Odell Brewing Company called 90 Shilling. It's Odell's flagship beer and it's basically a traditional Scottish ale, unlike Easy Street which is an unfiltered wheat beer.

If you didn't catch the name yet it's Wooly Booger. Ha. Every time I say this to people, they have to bring up the beer Moose Drool from Big Sky Brewing. Not brewed as far as Montana, though, Wooly Booger (try saying that six times fast) is created by Grand Lake Brewing Company which is only twenty-seven miles from Devil's Thumb. 

What did you have the most fun trying out before your wedding?

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  1. Are you going to be able to get whatever brewer you want?
    We don't really have "caterers" - the camp is letting us bring whatever booze we want. I love a good beer, too - we're thinking of getting a pony keg of terminal gravity (really hoppy awesomeness! http://www.terminalgravitybrewing.com/) and humbolt brewery red nectar ale (http://www.humboldtbrews.com/index.htm)

    I really like the nut-brown ale too! Have you ever been to socorro springs? (http://www.socorrosprings.com/)