Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Did That Just Happen?

I am picky. I love to make things harder than they have to be. I guess this is because the more research I put into something, the more assured I am that I'll end up with the best option. So, it normally takes me forever to do things like book a hotel or pick out a restaurant in a major city. With my wedding shoes, this was not so.

You're probably saying, "But Miss Cowboy Boot, you have six months until your wedding? Why the rush?"

Well, I have my one and only dress fitting in June. Saks will block out three days for me while I'm home in Los Angeles to get my dress in shape and then send it on to their Denver store where I'll pick it up before the wedding. To get the length right, I had to nail down my shoes before the fitting.

The selection in Santa Fe is, well, limited and expensive. So, I turned my search to online. Our fellow bees posted so many drool-worthy shoes but most of their finds were on clearance racks at DSW. I waited for the clock to strike 10 here when the Christian Louboutin sale on Gilt Groupe happened but, alas, I wasn't impressed with it. So, I thought I'd check out eBay. Not expecting to find something on my first go-round.

I present to you my $50(!) Kate Spades. Wish I could tell you the style name or somethin'!

They are light pink/blush-colored with gold threaded through them.

I don't love how tan they look here, but my are they comfy.

This is how I customized my search:

I started out by typing "shoes" into the search. Then narrowed it down by selecting "Women's Shoes" in the left column. I checked my size and Heels/Pumps directly under that, too. Then, as I scrolled down, the column on the left had a pull-down menu where you can select all of the designers you like. I started checking boxes: Via Spiga, Stuart Weitzman, J. Crew, Chloe. It worked!

Did you get a deep discount on designer shoes? If so, spill your secrets!

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