Sunday, April 26, 2009

All Made Up

I've been looking at a lot of make-up inspiration lately. I have a trial with Katelyn Simkins in Denver in about a month to see if I want to hire her for the big day and I want to come armed with photos. 

Project Wedding's make-up gallery has been a great source, not only to sift through, but to clip pictures to when I come across looks I like via Googling "red-carpet looks" and "celebrity make-up." While in the grocery store last week, I was completely mesmerized by Vogue's May 2009 cover. The girls were glowing from the page thanks to their dewy, warm, almost natural make-up. Take a look for yourself. 

This is the closest I've seen to what I'm aiming for (sans Photoshop, of course). I also love that there are so many variations on the looks for different skin/hair/eye colors. Now, if only they could have included a redhead...

Where did you find your make-up inspiration? Please share. I'd love so more resources!

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